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All the plums used in the Bentleys Delicious range come from Castle Fruit Farm.

We supply Waitrose with fresh plums throughout the season, but of course not all plums “can go to the ball”. It was this that gave Chrissy Bentley the idea to start the Bentleys Delicious range of sauces. She became acutely aware of the large numbers of plums that ended up as wastage due to plums of irregular size, shape or colouring being deemed unfit for commercial sale. Determined to do something about it, she set to work experimenting in the Castle Fruit Farm kitchens until she came up with The Bentleys Delicious range of products, which are made from plums grown in our orchards and the sauces made on our farm, making our ketchup, chilli sauces and syrup totally unique. Because all plums deserve to go to the ball!

Currently, the Plum Delicious Range includes the following products (however, we are always trying out new flavours and recipes for fresh and exciting plum-based accoutrements):

  • Plum Delicious is a pure plum dessert syrup delicious on porridge, yogurt, ice cream and divine as a mixer with sparkling wines, gin and spirits.
  • Plum Chilli Sauce is not too hot and great for cooking, as a sauce, a marinade or a general cooking sauce.
  • Plum Coulis is divine just as it is…or with ice cream or yogurt.
  • Plum ketchup is a dark, spicy sauce delicious with pasta, meats, burgers, sausages, or simply as a marinade or adventurous cooking sauce.
  • Plum and Ginger is a magical mix delicious on ice cream or with yogurt.

Each product comes in 330 ml bottles or as part of a Presentation Box Set of all the three.

There is also a Bentleys Delicious Plum Relish Range including:

  • Plum and Ginger
  • Plum and Cinnamon
  • Plum and Chilli

All great with meat and cheeses

You can buy our Bentleys Delicious Ranges through our Farm Shop as well as many local retailers, Farmers Markets and Fayres…

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