Plums have until recently been an underestimated fruit as imported plums have been flooding the market place. However, the value of English plums is now being better appreciated because they are so tasty; they can be picked closer to near full ripeness when the full flavour has been allowed to develop. Imported fruit has to be picked when hard before flavour can develop so that the fruit reaches the shops without going bad.

At Castle Fruit farm we grow a range of varieties so that we can supply different plums from mid July through to mid September. Our farm shop opens at the end of July for the start of Opal and continues selling plums until mid September. We sell in bags, punnets and trays.

The varieties we grow and the time of their availability are shown below:

Plum Variety Description Approx time of ripening
Herman Round, blue-black, reasonable flavour. Free stone. 2nd week July
Opal Oval-oblong, reddish-purple, pale gold flesh, good flavour; almost free stone. Late July to early August
Reeves Seedling Very large, reddish-purple, round, juicy, yellow golden flesh, good flavour, free stone. Early to mid August
Avalon Oval – oblong, reddish purple with yellow golden juicy flesh. Beautiful flavour. Free to partial cling stone. Early to mid August
Reine Claude D’Ouillon Green Gage, Large spherical, greeny yellow flesh, very sweet. Mid to late August
Jubileum Large mottled red plum, oval, freestone. Dessert and culinary use. Mid Aug to early Sept
Victoria Medium to large, predom. red on yellow background with golden yellow flesh. Free stone. Mid Aug to early Sept
Valor Large (over 40mm), oblong – oval blue- dark purple. Golden yellow flesh, juicy. Partial stone free, delicious. Stews similar to a damson producing rich dark red pulp. Late Aug to early Sept
Marjorie Seedling  Large oval oblong, blue black, greenish yellow flesh, of fair dessert quality with oblong stone. Medium sweet. Early to mid September

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