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Spring is round the corner

Castle Fruit Farm High Spots in 2017. Successful growing and harvesting season.Bumper crops thanks to our great team here and our summer family of harvest workers. Richie and Claire have added a new Baby Bentley,baby Maddie to the team. Having our work recognised by several awards this year. Seeing signs of increasing diversity of natural life on the farm Taking part in the Ledbury Food Group photo year project. Working with our new partner Prima Fruit was a pleasure and a success for both parties Challenges for 2018: The impact of Brexit is still unclear both for our farm and all others who need seasonal labour. Listening to the current debate, not much has changed and there has been very little response from the government, who do not appear to understand the consequences to the rural economy, food security and the survival of our agricultural and horticultural sector. Harvest seasonal labour is not an immigration issue! It is a result of Brexit. Our thriving horticultural and agricultural businesses are an important part of the rural economy. If we no longer invest and disappear , the knock on effect on the rural economy would be significant. Food security : the less

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