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Cold pressed apple juice from our orchards at Bentleys Castle Fruit Farm, Gloucestershire. The maxim ‘quality in quality out’ is never truer than for apple and pear juice. Our 100% pure juice is pressed from good quality fruit with nothing removed or added.  A very small amount of Vitamin C is added to prevent the juice going brown when opened.

Our juice is cloudy as it contains all the goodness of the pressed fruit. We regularly win prizes for our juice at the Malvern Autumn Show and this year at The National Fruit Show we won First Prize and Best in Show for our Russet apple juice. All the juices are pasteurised, which gives the juice a shelf life of at least 24 months unopened.  We say once opened, refrigerate and drink within 3 days.

Bentleys Juices - 6 x Apple & Raspberry 6 x Apple & Ginger


A mixed box of 12 x 750ml bottles consisting of the following varieties:

  • 6 x Apple and Raspberry
  • 6 x Apple and Ginger


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