Wholesome juice brings Christmas Cheer

Our Christmas gift packs of three x 750ml bottles of wholesome Bentleys juice are perfect for someone who enjoys delicious and healthy local produce. Choose between our apple juice with ginger (which is perfect with whiskey, heated up or as it is); pure apple juice with raspberry; the cold-pressed, orchard pear juice; our mixed or single variety apple juices; or our apple juice with beetroot for those who prefer something a little less sweet. All our juices are made from the orchard fruit that we grow at Castle Fruit Farm, and we have won awards for the flavour of our produce and our sustainable methods.

The hand-pressed juice is produced on the farm, and it doesn’t contain any additives apart from a very small amount of vitamin C to prevent the juice from discolouring once it is opened. Unopened, the pasteurised juice lasts for 18 months. Most importantly, we think that the flavour of the tree-ripened fruit from our Newent farm can’t be beaten.

Juice makes an excellent gift for people who can’t or prefer not to drink alcohol over the festive period; it is a great winter pick-me-up as and it can be enjoyed by all the family.

We can supply the three bottles of juice in an eye-catching festive presentation box (at £2.50 for each bottle of apple or pear juices, or £2.80 for the juice blends) or provide a mixed box of juices and produce. You’ll be giving something that can’t be bought in the supermarkets, and which supports conservation agriculture and biodiversity. Just give us a ring or stop by our farm shop and let us do the rest.