Gloucestershire apples

We grow a wonderful range of apples from early varieties such as Collina and Delbar Estival at the end of August to late season apples into January such as Braeburn and Jazz. Fruit is stored in cold stores which allow the fruit to be picked at the optimum ripeness and sold in peak condition. For our farm shops, we can supply tree ripe Gloucestershire apples – a real bonus – often for an equivalent or lower price than supermarkets.

The table below describes most of the English apples we produce and sell through our farm shop and other outlets:

Variety First discovered or origin Appearance Date of harvesting Best time for eating Qualities
Ashmead Kernal About 1700 by Dr Ashmead of Gloucester Greenish yellow, slightly flattened End of September October to Christmas Rich sweet aromatic flavour, white flesh
Bramley seedling Early C19th but popular from mid century onwards  Large green apple, flattish Early September September onwards High acid cooking apple, cooks to pale cream puree.
Braeburn New Zealand from 1950s Elongated, red on green /yellowish background Mid October Early November to March Firm flesh, crisp, sharpish, refreshing
Cox Mid C19, Bucks Orange red flush, red strips, over greenish turning yellowish bkgrd Early September Mid Sept to Christmas Firm to soft flesh, sweet and intense aromatic flavour
Egremont Russet About 1870’s, Somerset Golden ochre russet End of September October to Christmas Nutty flesh, dryish skin
Elstar  Introduced 1972 from Netherlands; Ingrid Marie x Golden Del. Red with yellow background; also a red sport available Mid September September to Christmas Intensely flavoured, sweet, crisp and very juicy
Fuji Japan, 1930s Attractive red on yellow background End of September October to Christmas Juicy, sweet, quite firm
Gala New Zealand 1930s Bright red flush, stripy, pronounced angular calix Mid to end September October to January Juicy and sweet
Jazz  Braeburn and Royal Gala cross , NZ 1990s Red on green/yellow background, elongated Mid October November to February The sweetness of Gala, the crunch of Braeburn, juicy
Smitten Braeburn and Royal Gala cross , NZ 2000s Red stripes over gold, large Mid September November to January Crisp, juicy, sweet sub acid flavour.
Red Delicious USA, end C19th Dark intense crimson colour, conical shape. Early October November to January Sweet, juicy, mild flavour

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I just bought your Red Delicious apples from Waitrose in Stroud. I got the details ‘Michael Bentley’ and Gloucestershire from the label.

I just wanted to say how nice they were! Thank you! :-))

  • Ian from Stroud
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